Colouring Book Not Only for Kids 1.


Zsófi Faur - Ráday Gallery is the publisher of the experimental ’colouring book’ intended for the largest minority – children. In this series prestigious artists, not convinced of the perfectness of adult society/power, provide drawings for kids. But these artists also know, just as much as children do, that every small child will grow up one day to become an adult. Therefore, they suggest that a more colourful, tolerant and freer world should be imagined along with them.

According to the intention of the editors, as a windup for the nine individual colouring book series, a tenth book will also come into existence, the ’protagonists’ being the creators of the colouring books.
Throughout the nine chapters of the book, the reader will be introduced to the artistic creation (technical, intellectual and everyday conditions) of each of the artists’ colouring books. Besides this, a more general artistic portrait will unfold in front of the eyes of readers, parents and children: the artists’ ideas about the world, art and kids.

Curator, editor: László Hemrik, Pál Szilágyi
Layout: Gábor Gerhes
Content: 44 + 4 pages, with 43 illustrations
No. of Issues: 1000
Date of Publication: 2008

1958 Born in Budapest, Hungary

1976-81 Department of Graphic Art Printing, Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest Postgraduate training: Department of Murals

1981 One-man show, Videoton House of Culture, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
1984 Böröcz, Révész, Roskó, Architects` Club, Budapest
Wet Paint, Ernst Museum, Budapest 1985 One-man show, Studió Gallery, Budapest
1986 Hungarian Art of the Future, Galerie Zeitgenössischer Kunst, Leverkusen, Germany
1987 In Quotation Marks, István Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár, Hungary 12th Painting Biennale, Museum of Modern Art, Szceczin, Poland
1988 The Four Musketeers, Gallery REM, Vienna
Watercolor Biennale, István Dobó Museum, Eger, Hungary
1989 Hungarian Art of the Eighties, Kunstverein, Passau, Germany Contemporary Art from Hungary, Künstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany One-man show, King Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary One-man show, Galerie H 89, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1990 Eleven Hungarian Graphic Artists, Gallery Cash and Carry, Vienna
In Inverted Commas, Berlin One-man show, Zichy Palace, Budapest
1991 26th International Painting Weeks in Styria, Graz, Austria
1992 24th International Festival of Painting, Cagne-sur-Mer, France The Stranger is Nice, Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
Dialoguesin Paper, Fészek Club Gallery, Budapest
The Middle Empíre or Why It Is So Difficult to Leave Our Bad Habits Behind. One-man show, Centre d`Animation Saint Michel, Paris, France
1993 Little Things, Fészek Club Gallery, Budapest - Delta Axis Gallery, Memphis, Tenn. (Gallery Art in General, New York (Gallery Randolph Street, Chicago
Italy and Hungarian Art of the Eighties, Italian Institute, Budapest Grotesque, Antisex, Enigma, Stúdió 1900 Gallery, Budapest
1994 One-man show, Galerie Zichy, Leiden, The Netherlands
The Eighties, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1995 The Middle Empire or Why It Is So Difficult to Leave Our Bad
Habits Behind, Bolt Gallery, Budapest
The Believer Struggles, Szabad Művelődés Háza, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
1st International Watercolor Biennale, Galerija Miha Males, Kamník, Slovenia
Houses Depicted Together, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany
1997 One-man show, Galerie Zichy, Leiden, The Netherlands
Oil on Canvas, Palace of Exhibitons, Budapest
Exhibition of Work from the Szeged Summer School, Duna Gallery, Budapest
One-man show, Spiritusz Gallery, Budapest
Mikszáth Memorial Exhibition, Petőfi Museum of Literature, Budapest
1998 Böröcz, Roskó, Ujházi, Hungarian Consulate, New York Conversations, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
One-man show, Várfok Gallery, Budapest
One-man show, Pécs Gallery, Hungary
Latest Acquisitions, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
1999 _One Hundred Pictures. Twentiethcentury Hungarian Painting, National Gallery, Budapest 0_ne-man show, Hungarian Cultural Institute, New Delhi
One-man show, Café Eckermann, Budapest.
2000 Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2001 Last twenty, K.Bazovszky Gallery, Budapest
2002 Minjan and others, K.Petry’s Gallery, Budapest
2004 Szent István király Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
2008 One-man show Faur Zsófi – Ráday Gallery

Prizes, scholarships
1985 Derkovits Scholarship (1985-88), Smohay Scholarship
1987 12th Painting Biennale. Grant from the Museum of Modern Art, Szceczin, Poland
1991 Grant from 2óth International Painting Weeks in Styria
Grant from the Hungarian Academy in Rome
1993 Grant from the Graphic Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1995 Munkácsy Prize
1996 Scholarship from the Eötvös Foundation, Tyrone Guthrie Center, Irish Republic
1997 Mikszáth Commemoration Committee Prize
1998 Grant from the Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbria, Italy