The preview of art critic and painter Albert Kováts’s new book Memory – exhibition edited by Faur Zsófi- Ráday Gallery and Publisher in Csepel Gallery, at 4 pm 8 April 2011.

The published book of the author contains a selection of exhibition reviews and unpublished opening speeches with one picture each. Selected by the author himself, the writings are not in chronological order from the turn of the millennium till nowdays but devided into chapters by their theme, concerning painting, collage, photography and other, non-painting tendencies. The more than two-hundred-page book affects the works and exhibitions of great artists such as Ernő Károlyi, André Kertész, Gergely Palatin, Erzsébet Vaszkó, Daniela Bikácsi, István Sinkó, Lili Ország, Max Ernst, Károly Ungváry and Tamás Konok, who’s collage is a beautiful ornament of the cover.

206 pages, 53 black and white pages
Edited by Katalin Fenyves
Published by: Zsófia Faur
Zsófi Faur Gallery and Publisher Ltd.

Preview at 4 pm 8 April 2011 in Csepel Gallery, presented by Zsófia Faur, director of Zsófi Faur-Ráday Gallery and Publisher.
1215 Budapest, Csete Balázs street 15.