I also lived in Etruria

I also lived in Etruria

Colouring book – not only for kids 3.


László László Révész: Me too, I was there, in Etruria

And the book launche of the third issue of the museum-pedagogy series Colouring book – not only for kids drawn by the artist
At 6 pm, Tuesday, 31 May 2011 in Bartók Béla road 25.

Multi-genre artist László László Révész’s question with present exhibition is the cultural continuity, namely how much a historical age could influence our modern culture, our everyday life. We only look at the scenery as tourists and continue our trip with the hope of returning or interpret the Roman and Etruscan culture as an integral part of our time? Flashing around the cultural treasures of a foreign land it is thrilling to know that once it was alive, it was used and it shaped our culture as well.
László László Révész’s works, influenced by a long Italian trip, projects the antique Roman culture, view of life to our present time, for the enormous temporal distance giving it a new interpretation. Is Etruria still exist, and if so, what is our relation to it and to other lost cultures and societies?

Among the exhibited drawings and paintings there will be seen the original drawings of the colouring book I also lived in Etruria edited by Faur Zsófi- Ráday Gallery.
The new volume is the part of a museum-pedagogy exercise-book series of which the first two volumes were drawn by living classics as Gábor Roskó and Sándor Rácmolnár who worked up the Jewish and the Buddhist cultures.

„ The creators give this publication to children and adult artlovers with a hope that the drawings in the colouring books make the acceptance of the alter easier.” László Hemrik

Ráday Gallery Colouring Book – not only for kids. Published by Faur Zsófi – Ráday Gallery and Publisher on 44 pages, 4+4 and 1+1 colour print on 22 sheets.
Cover and series plan by Gábor Gerhes

Purchased with the other volumes of the series in Írók Boltja, bookshop in Palace of Arts, book shop in Kunsthalle.

Exhibition is open from 31 May – 30 June 2011-05-20

Faur Zsófi – Ráday Gallery
1114-H Budapest
Bartók Béla street 25