Contemporary Art from Hungary 14.


Aron Gabor has worked as a painter, virtuoso graphic artist, installer, sculptor and video artist since the early ’80s. A radical eclecticism has always characterised his concept of art. Although he is not for the concept of unity of form, his clear-cut, marked world of shapes and forms is easily recognizable.
His view and his personal touch are common in his works carried out in different media. The artist’s method of superimposing different layers and experiences; of combining and overlapping various symbols reflects a typical taste and attitude of the end of the century, i.e. the end of the millenium. In the case of an artist, as prolific, instinctive, yet so conscientiously in quest of global problems as Aron Gabor, world conception and taste are closely connected issues...

(Lornad Hegyi)

Faur Zsófi Gallery and Publishing
2013, Budapest
HU ISSN 2060-0100
96 pages, full color, softcover.

Price: 45.- EUR