Exhibition of Márton Barabás

Exhibition of Márton Barabás


is pleased to invite You to

Márton Barabás’s exhibition opening called Free space.
6th January 2011.
At 6.30 pm.

The exhibition is also the premiere of Contemporary Art from Hungary` new piece.
On the opening Lőrinc Baradás participates with trumpet.

Guided tour with the artist: 18th January 2011, 5 p.m.

Under the spell of keys

Faur Zsófi – Ráday Gallery opens the new year with Márton Barabás’s major exhibition at its new location. The exhibition not only features the exciting works of an artist with a 30-year career behind him, but also represents the premiere of the Gallery`s ’Contemporary Art from Hungary’ series.

Our featured artist, Marton Barabás, studied painting. But this exhibition which opened in January, tries to present the well-delineated, characteristically distinct, yet organically intertwined era of the past decades. Far from a simple sequence of paintings on the walls, the Barabás exhibition combines various mediums and techniques to bring you a unique blend of art works, such as a "traditional" oil paintig in which the finest piano drivers and parts are placed on the canvas by rhapsodic lines of melody, or the objects, installations and "book sculptures" which, without exception, combine fine art and music into a sensitive harmony.

The Raday Gallery and its affiliated publisher are proud to bring you the works of Martin Barabas. We look forward to bringing you additional installments in this new series in the years to come, and to continue to enrich the literature of contemporary art history.

Details of the new volumes:
Tibor Wehner, (Virtual) Free space

„...even though he graduated as a painter in college, and in one of his first exhibitions he showed paintings, and in certain creative periods he paints important oil/canvas compositions in his studio by traditional methods; nevertheless in the last 35 years he was always interested in space and non-flat compositions.”

“This might be the reason for the peculiar order of Márton Barabás’ paintings: the viewer’s attention is caught by the unusual construction of images together with the unconventional ‘space-illusion-creation’ realization.”

“Barabás’ adventurous attitude lead to the birth of plastic rules, wood and plywood modules evoking acanthus leaves, snail and bidens motives of the 1980s, the pianos found and invented constructions, marking the art of the artist right from the beginning. The artist creates piano constructions and reliefs, box-pieces made of the mechanics of the musical instrument (roulettes, pedals, keys, music-case, cover, wires, and tuning-fork) which all become part of an extremely witty, plastic and musical world.”

“Besides his dimensional work, the artist also creates painted illusions: he realizes unique, organic, constructive, intertwining or solitary, regular or irregular geometric shapes and forms in his images. Cool objectivity fights transcendent visions in his works.”

Opening date: 6th January 2011. (Thursday) 6.30 pm
Accompanying events: Today’s edition of Hungarian art 11. Márton Barabás book presentation

Viewed: 06.01.2011.- 30.01.

Location: Faur Zsófi – Ráday Gallery and Publisher

Opening hours:

Monday- Thursday 12- 6 pm.
Friday 12- 4 pm
Saturday 10- 1 pm