Tegnap, ma, holnap

Tegnap, ma, holnap



’It is truly a story, a career which cotinues. Contiuously refers back to the classical predecessors and the previous periods. This is why this art finds prestigious international institutions: it bounds to generallyy well-defined trend but it does not follows it as an epigon, it only continues it sovereignly with small, modest steps. Uses all the strenght of minimalism’s density and rythm, it also oversteps its introverted program which focuses on the concept of art and ievitably refuses broader audiences: freely combines fields of spaces which are balancing on visible and invisible, narratively readable geometrial motives and coloured fantasies which are flirting with each other.’

Gábor ÉBLI, Új Művészet magazin, 31 December 2007

Open from 10 May to 26 June 2011
Venue: Krisztina Palace
1122-H Budapest
Nagyenyed utca 8-14