The unforeseen events of the future and the already passed ones

The unforeseen events of the future and the already passed ones

exhibition by Anna FABRICIUS


Three of Anna Fabricius` series are exhibited at her solo exhibition in Faur Zsófi Gallery. Vaj-Voi series, Useless Good Advices and The unforeseen events of the future represent a more personal and intimate style than that of her group photo series.

"The Vaj-Voi series reconstructs a common history based on the Finno-Ugric linguistic relationship. Fabricius found seven sentences that sound very similar in Finnish and Hungarian, and on the occasion of receiving a scholarship to Helsinki, she took photographs of situations corresponding to these sentences. Since the vocabulary has a common root containing the most basic nouns and verbs, the sentences are brought to life by ordinary, everyday events. At the same time, the sentence structures and combinations are not ordinary, and the alliterations that emerge in the Hungarian text and the unique rhythms create a poetic effect: “Three women catch twenty fish with a net.” “Fish swim vigorously under the ice in winter.”

Parallel to the exhibiton by Anna Fabricius in our gallery, her works will be presented at ART PARIS art fair 2012 in the Grand Palais, Paris.

We are looking forward meeting you at our booth C16 between 29th March and 1st April!

For further information please visit the website of ART PARIS or contact us.