Faur Zsófi Gallery at Milan Image Art Fair 2012

Faur Zsófi Gallery at Milan Image Art Fair 2012

with the works of Arion Gábor Kudász


Milan Image Art Fair is the first art fair entirely dedicated to photography and video art. Arriving to its second edition with growing professional reputation, this year’s Hungarian participant is Faur Zsofi Gallery introducing two series of internationally acclaimed Arion Gábor Kudász.

Arion Gábor Kudász belongs to the young generation of Hungarian photographers. He is known for creating images that balance between documentary and staged photography. Working on long-term projects, he is interested in topics related to the exploration of urban development, environmental issues and lately in remembrance and capturing intimacy.

Middle is a close inspection of the photographer’s private life. He started to photograph his new family after his wedding in order to build a portrait of the symbiosis of the different personalities and to document the change of each member throughout the years. This series is a photographic sculpture of the great days of his life, happening in the constant present, immediately fading into the twilight of memory with exaggerated or deficient elements, dead-ends and a nonlinear narrative structure.

Waste Union tends to capture the contradictory relation of nature and human enviroment. The influence of urbanization is present in open lands more than in carefully leveled inner cities. The inflation of space is most visible at the front-lines of the expanding city, where different populated areas collide. With the accumulation of garbage, dumps are about to meet. The memory of garbage heaps is present everywhere, unifying contemporary landscape. A re-cultivated mine dump is the closest we can get to the natural state. Nature does not exist anymore, so any escape into nature, or any harmony with it, is impossible. The time for a hopeful utopia is gone.

Picture: Gabor Arion Kudasz: Middle, 2005-11, pigment print aluminium, 70x80cm