Unwritten Stories

Unwritten Stories

mixed installation by Alfredo Barsuglia


Exhibition runs from 16 May 2012 – 10 July 2012

The exhibition will be opened by István Sinkó, artist and art critic
Opening Reception 15 May (Tuesday), 6pm onwards

The Austrian painter Alfredo Barsuglia is not unknown to the Hungarian public, as his works were presented in Raday Gallery, the predecessor of Faur Zsofi Gallery in 2008. Since then he has successfully participated in several group exhibitions and international art fairs (Budapest Art Fair 2009, Art Market Budapest 2011, Art Paris 2012), but up till now he has not had a solo exhibition in Hungary.
Alfredo Barsuglia can be called a real international artist, as he has worked in many countries from Austria through Poland, Russia to China and the US. Despite his young age, his work is included in numerous private and public collections including the Leopold Collection (Vienna). His newest works (paintings, installations) are coming straight from Vienna to Budapest.

About the concept (after Alfredo Barsuglia):

In "Unwritten stories", the visitor will see different settings like in a movie-set: it is very common to install fake facades, doors, rooms etc., instead of constructing a whole town. Outdoor scenes are often shot indoor, that is why a sandcastle will be built in the gallery space. A projection of a landscape will give you the illusion to be somewhere outdoor, in the countryside, in nature.
Every single installation is like a story that is not told or written yet, but by seeing the illusionary wall-painting-installation, it can be imagined by the visitor.

The paintings themself can be understood as movie-scenes. The image / picture gives you an idea of how a scene could look like and the attached text gives you an idea of the content of the scene. That is why Barsuglia combines text and image. He likes to compare image and text with two dots: If you have only one dot, it is just a dot, but if you have two dots, you can make a line in between. One can read a narrative story, finalized in the head of the visitor.