The Children of the Night

The Children of the Night

exhibition by Adam BOTA


Faur Zsófi Gallery cordially invites you to the opening of its next exhibition.

Adam Bota:
The Children of the Night

Opening reception: 14th of February (Thursday), 6pm onwards.
Opening speech: Bálint Ferenczy, curator

The exhibition runs
from 10 January, 2013 to 17 March, 2013.

The contemporary artist Adam Bota was born in 1975 in Linz/Austria.
He currently lives and works in Vienna/Austria. Raised by artists of Hungarian descent (his fahter is a sculptur and his mother an opera singer) - and among their circle of friends of artists/musicians/intellectuals Adam grew up exposed to a culturally diverse world, filled with appreciation for creativity, fine arts and music. Naturally he would soon discover his own passion for visual arts - particularly drawing - and channel his creativity into loads of sketches and drawings at an early age.

Bota went on study fine arts at the University for Arts and Industrial Design
of Linz/Austria, where he graduated with honors and a Bachelor Degree in Arts in 2005. His tremendous talent would soon catch the attention of several art dealers, and - while still in school - Adam was already showing his paintings in galleries throughout the local contemporary art scene on a regular basis.

The young artist continued to work hart to improve his skills, constantly honing his craft and refining his technique. He developed his very own and unique pictorial language - a style that is as fresh and unusual as it is remarkable.

The progressive way in which Bota lifts a neo-classically inspired virtuosity out of it`s common iconography and into new and seemingly surreal compostitions, combining it with a - sometimes - realistic-figurative, or - sometimes - almost impressionistic style made him stand out from the crowd of so many other contemporary artists struggeling for success, and quickly put him into the spotlight.

Today the work of Adam Bota is internationally recognized, and has earned him an excellent reputation among gallerists, collectors and critics alike. His paintings have been exhibited and sold in numerous key cities - around Europe as well as in the U.S. - featured in galleries and appeared or reviewed in media in over six countries.

Fueled by his tremendous work ethic and a relentless drive for perfection Bota will continue to grow as an artist and pushing forward his art, always reaching out for a new audience and gaining more exposure and popularity in an ever growing contemporary art community.