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Borbála Blahó: ALL IS WELL

Opening reception: 10th of January (Thursday), 6pm onwards.
The exhibition will be opened by Julia Salamon, curator.

"All is well."

The assumption has the voice of asseveration. As in the state of orderliness there is no necessity of the verbal affirmation of the given state. Moreover, there is no necessity of any kind of affirmation.
In her works, Borbála Blahó has an ironical, kind of upside down attitude towards order, similar to István Örkény`s reversed world. In her own arrangement she confidently uses the elements of our surrounding object-culture, in order to highlight the scenery-like banality of the casual situation, and put the comedy - which is lying hidden in the situation - on stage.

(Julia Salamon)

The exhibition runs
from 10 January, 2013 to 8 February 2013.

All works exhibited will be on sale, please ask our staff about the price list on +36 20 934 4727.