Gergely Szatmari is an experienced Hungarian photographer. He used to be engaged with commercial, fashion, constructed images. Recently his activity turned towards the autonom long-term photographic projects. His photographic attitude is as well as a diverse one and complex regarding its implementation. His interest ranges from documentarism through narratives till conseptualism.

In Milano the Faur Zsofi Gallery is representing 3 of his main projects.

Conventional. The pictures presenting fencing as a community event, reunion as a feast get new meaning. In these pictures Szatmári shows the supporting power of tradition through a noble sport. He didn’t present fencing in huge sports-arenas, he did not enter this world through the fight for glory, money and medal, but on the contrary. He wanted to focus on the fact that those living in this world have this as a form of life, and their community is the most important factor for them.

Meadowlands represents the beauty of the urban prairie as a symbol of the American history. According to his understanding Meadowlands is a territory that symbolizes the decay of the modern industrial era. It questions our attitude towards work, habits and progress. His observations about Newark and the environment in New Jersey is an attempt to focus on contemporary issues and the possibility of asking the viewer an exciting question: what is America future, and where are we developing from here?

The American Idler was created in a world where the feeling of superfluity and the menacing emptiness of the remaining time can be observed on surrounding persons and surrounding things, among which their time flows by in a compulsory way. This method implies something basically antagonistic. The imagery of the American Idlers its streets, interiors and exteriors, its hesitatingly loitering characters. Here appear apparently supernatural lights in the background, filtering in through the cracks, and create a strange, dream-like atmosphere. The world becomes a scenery where the unreal becomes real, it is a perfect opposite of the monotonous reality of the ordinary world.